Apartment Checklist

Moving is a big deal. Not only is it costly, it can cause many headaches and be a major cause of stress. Not to mention the time it takes to get ready to move and do the actual moving and unpacking. To avoid having to move often, you want to pick that perfect apartment the first time. Our Apartment Checklist can help you find that perfect apartment with the features you want. Take it with you as you tour apartments so you can check off the benefits of each location.

This Apartment Checklist will help you compare the different apartments you see and it will help you make the right choice in finding that perfect place to live.

How to Use the Apartment Checklist

Print the Apartment Checklist before you visit any potential apartment. It is available for you to use free of charge here on our website. You can download our easy to use checklist to your computer at anytime. Once you have downloaded the checklist, you can customize the list to your specific wants and needs in an apartment.

Take it with you during each apartment walk through that you go on. Then you can use the different checklists to compare apartments and make a decision on what apartment meets all your needs the best.

Tips for Using the Apartment Checklist

  • Choose what features are most important to you when looking for an apartment. Customize the worksheet with your specific requirements.
  • Print several checklists, so you can have one for each apartment that you visit.
  • Take additional notes that you find important about the apartment. Writing down your thoughts about the apartment while you are there will help you remember certain features later on when you are making a decision.
  • Be sure to make note of the address, location, size and cost of the apartment for easier comparisons later on

Picking an apartment can be a big decision. You don’t want the expensive and headache of moving often, so you want to choose the right apartment from the beginning. Our Apartment Checklist will help you compare and keep notes on what features matter to you most when shopping for an apartment.

Download: Apartment Checklist

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