Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Free Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

You need a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to reinforce standard procedures. Nobody wants to nag or hunt someone down to make sure that everything is clean but, hygeine is necessary. With a list of chores, established cleaning procedures can be reinforced. Labor can be distributed fairly with written expectations. Nobody can forget what they are supposed to do because the checklist is a visual reminder of what is necessary for a clean and healthy bathroom. This Microsoft Office template has all the essential steps for bathroom hygeine.

How to Use the Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Word Document

  1. The template is easy to use and available to download on this page.
  2. Place the date in the space provided. Check off chores as completed. Customize our chart by placing the name of the person doing the chore. Add fields for additional chores or remove fields for tasks not necessary for your bathroom.
  3. Our Bathroom Cleaning Checklist is free. Print as many as you need for multiple bathrooms. Email digital copies of our chart to staff working in other departments.

Tips for Using the Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Word Document

  1. Place a copy of the list on the back of the bathroom door or cleaning closets at work. Have employees initial the checklist after cleaning to provide you with a quick assessment reinforcing hygenic expectations. This will help employees get credit when their work is done, make it easier for management to track employees, and reassure staff and customers that the bathroom is regularly cleaned.
  2. Hang a copy of the Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to remind children to do their chores and reinforce behaviors for the future.
  3. Use a cleaning checklist when busy to keep track of everything that needs done and keep time on your side.
  4. Roommates can use the Bathroom Cleaning Checklist to make sharing housecleaning fair and equitable while ensuring all are mindful of healthy living standards.

Housework is a necessary for everyone’s health and wellbeing. Every building has a bathroom that needs to be cleaned. This cleaning checklist will help ensure that everything gets done regularly.

Download: Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

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