Church Event Planning Checklist

Church events are a regular part of a religious establishment. They are used to help church members get to know one other by means of recreation. Church events are often also used to help raise money for the upkeep of the church and to offset the Pastor’s expenses. When planned correctly, a church event can be a very joyous occasion for all those invited. Planning a church event can be very difficult, however, because there are so many aspects that need to be accounted for. Without the proper checklist, the planning can quickly go awry. To avoid a potentially disastrous an embarrassing situation, the Church Event Planning Checklist should be used.

The Church Event Planning Checklist is available to download on this page at no cost to you. It is very easy to use and is customizable to fit the planning of your own personal church event.

How to Use the Church Event Planning Checklist to Plan a Successful Event

  • First, fill in customizable information for the event- like the name of the event. Is it a Bake Sale or a Community Awareness Event? Be sure to include the event name, event address, important vendor phone numbers and emails.
  • Second, set up the fields that are specific to the event. This includes the entertainment that will be used, the food that will be needed and the time schedules of the event. Include fields for pricing and budgeting.
  • Third, set up the fields for the guest list. This will help you prepare to have enough food and seating for all intended guests.

Special Tips for Using the Church Event Planning Checklist

Firstly, use the Church Event Planning Checklist to keep track of expenses for the event. Use the checklist to list everything that needs to be purchased. Remember to subtract each expense from your budget.

Secondly, you can use the checklist to keep track of who will be in charge of what.

Thirdly, the list can prove to be most beneficial because you are able to print and distribute copies to all members who are helping make the event successful. This way, all can stay abreast as to what is needed.

Download: Church Event Planning Checklist

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