Conference Planning Checklist

Free Conference Planning Checklist

The success or failure of a conference depends a great deal on the conference planner’s attention to detail. Every hour of the event needs to be thought out in advance. Otherwise people attending the conference will encounter a lot of wasted time. This is expensive both for the host and guests of such an event, and needs to be avoided. The is why a Conference Planning Checklist is so important.

For your convenience a template is free to download right here, and can make your important event a success. Our template is easy to use, and will certainly enhance the outcome of your event.

How to Use the Conference Planning Checklist

  • First, develop a mental plan for your event.
  • Move from invitations to as many options as you choose, by examining the previews for a match with your mental plan. The Conference Planning Checklist template covers all the bases.
  • Download your design and modify it to meet your own specific needs.
  • Print out the result of your work on the Conference Planning Checklist Template and make as many duplicates as needed.

Tips for Using the Conference Planning Checklist Template

  • Don’t be intimidated by the wide variety of options available to you. Take your time moving through the potential selections, and be unafraid to venture into unknown territory. The template is designed to expand your professional options. Let it do its work.
  • It can be a good idea to move through the conference in the order one takes place. For example, you might choose a poster to begin with, next invitations, and next a schedule. Remember the template is fully customizable, so there is no such thing as making a mistake.
  • The template product is designed to use Windows 2007 or later. If you need later software, you can also download that right into your computer from another website. Taking care of this chore first can save some time and frustration, so take a look at your existing software before you begin using the template.

Download: Conference Planning Checklist

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