Divorce Checklist

Every relationship has the possibility for success despite common problems such as communication barriers or financial difficulties. When disagreements become more frequent than quality time, couples may decide that separation is the only option. Rather than making a rash decision, couples may utilize a divorce checklist to help determine the best course of action.

How a Divorce Checklist Works

An unbiased template can be downloaded right here and used immediately. Couples may choose to complete the questions individually or together and discuss their collective answers. The free divorce checklist is a great way to open an honest discussion and because it does not involve much work, is very easy to use.

The divorce checklist template can easily be customized to include some hot button issues that are specific to a particular couple. Users can put as much or as little thought into the questions as they wish and can complete the template in one sitting or break it up over time and give each question additional thought.

Tips For Using a Divorce Checklist

After downloading the free template, users can personalize the formatting and questions to make it more effective. Users get the most out of the template by following these steps:

  • Complete the template as is or by customizing it with information that pertains to concerns specific to the relationship
  • Answer all the questions truthfully, attempt to be as objective as possible
  • Add or remove questions as necessary for further discussion
  • Table sensitive questions or items that could trigger an argument so the discussion can take place when both parties are calm

There is no easy way for a couple in a relationship to overcome challenges that could potentially lead to divorce. When the focus shifts from ways to make the marriage work to how personal property should be divided, a relationship could be in real trouble. Friends and family tend to take sides and may not be able to provide objective advice to a struggling couple. A divorce checklist may be the right tool to help a couple see the big picture.

Download: Divorce Checklist

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