Estate Planning Checklist

Free Estate Planning Checklist

Planning your estate is an important element in managing your affairs. Before interviewing an attorney or other professional, it is a good idea to have all the information you need compiled in one place. The Estate Planning checklist will help simplify the process. This checklist will guide you through all the essential information you will need to complete your estate plan. This Estate planning checklist is easy to use and can be downloaded for free on this page.

How to Use the Estate Planning Checklist

  • Once you download the template, use your tab key to maneuver to each section.
  • In the first section on the top left hand side, type your company name, tab and type your name, tab and type in the date, use your down arrow to get to the next section.
  • This section asks for your personal information; address, phone number, marital status, spouse information, Medicare number, your physician’s name, and the name of your insurance carrier. Use your down arrow to navigate to the next section.
  • This section, Lifestyle, is designed to help you answer questions regarding your living situation plans after retirement. Use your down arrow to the next section.
  • The Health section is designed to help you plan your life in case of illness. It will help you look at your medical coverage and determine if it is sufficient. Your down arrow will take you to the next section.
  • The Finance section will help you gather the information needed if you are doing a living trust as part of your estate plan. It is also helpful in guiding you to gather important documents for tax purposes. Use your down arrow to take you to the last section.
  • The Legal section will help you keep your documents updated and show if other legal documents need to be executed.

Tips for Using the Estate Planning Checklist

  • You can add or substitute any section that does not pertain to your situation. For example, if you are not receiving Medicare you can add your current medical plan information.
  • You can use a smaller font to include more information in the notes section.

This checklist will help guide you in preparing the information you need to complete your estate plan. The Estate Planning checklist is a tool that will make the process much easier as it guides you through some complex life situations.

Download: Estate Planning Checklist

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