Hospital Bag Checklist

Free Hospital Bag Checklist

You’re having a baby! Every parent wants to be ready. There is so much to do with preparing the house, fixing up the nursery, keeping doctor’s visits, going to baby showers, and caring for the new mommy’s health. You’ll want to have the hospital bag packed now because you won’t have time to pack when the baby comes. Use this Hospital Bag Checklist to organize and keep track of everything the mother, coach, and baby need for arrival day.

Having a baby is costly. This Microsoft Office Word template makes it affordable to keep track of what matters most. A customized Hospital Bag Checklist will ensure you have everything you need for the big day.

How to Use the Hospital Bag Checklist Word Document

  1. The template is available for free on this page. Just click to download the document.
  2. Use the list to pack items in the hospital bag. Check off items as you go.
  3. The Hospital Bag Checklist is a complete list of all the essentials. Add lines to the table for any special items that are unique to your family.
  4. Customize the document to create new lists you might need for babyproofing the house or preparing the nursery.

Tips for Using the Hospital Bag Checklist Word Document

  1. Print multiple copies for mother and coach.
  2. Use the list when shopping to remind you of any items you may not have.
  3. Take an additional list with you to create the registry for your baby shower. Some stores may allow you to leave photographs or lists.
  4. Keep the itemized checklist in the side pocket of the bag for a handy reminder.
  5. Carry a list with you just in case friends and family ask to help prepare for baby. You can reference your list to see what you still need.

Childbirth is a big moment. Rushing to the hospital or birthing center is hectic enough. Use the Hospital Bag Checklist to keep track of all those little things that will mean so much on the day your baby arrives.

Download: Hospital Bag Checklist

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