House Inspection Checklist

Potential buyers will need to go every every detail of a property by using a house inspection checklist before making a purchase decision. A checklist is needed to make sure that certain areas of a home will be seen during a walk through or open house. The template file is available for free at the bottom of the page, it is easy to customize, and easy for anyone to use when inspecting a house.

Any residential home can have areas that may not seem as they appear in pictures. This is one reason a house inspection checklist will be beneficial. The goal is to look at all parts of a home and to check off all areas in good condition and note any areas that may need work. One thing to keep in mind with any house inspection checklist is it is not a substitute for a home inspection report. The template, which can be used in Microsoft Word, offers individuals an easy way to review a home that is for sale.

How to Use the House Inspection Checklist

The first thing to do once the template has been opened is to enter the information for the property that will be inspected. Make sure to enter the address and the city where the property is located.

The second thing to do is set up the fields that will be used for entering information. A house will have many areas that need to be inspected. This includes the structure, the grounds, exterior surfaces, all the windows, the roof, the attic, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the roof, and miscellaneous areas.

Tips for Using the House Inspection Checklist

  • Make sure to include a call-back number if the checklist is being provided to a client. A client will then have a number available if a professional house inspection is needed.
  • Review areas that need work to see if there is a common trend. Many times a home can have areas that may have deterioration or damage caused by water or the weather.

The house inspection checklist can be saved for future reference or printed to make multiple copies.

Download: House Inspection Checklist

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