Household Inventory Checklist

Free Household Inventory Checklist

A Household Inventory Checklist is a great tool to have to keep track of all of your belongings in your home and their value. Insurance companies can use the Household Inventory Checklist that you made in order to help you decide the best type of insurance policy that you will need to have in case anything were to happen to your home. This will ensure that you will receive the correct value for the items that you have in your home. 

How to Use the Household Inventory Checklist

  • The total estimated value of your belongings in your home will be listed at the top of the page.
  • Under that, you will see a place for your name, address, phone number, and insurance policy information.
  • You will have a list to enter each room that you want to list for values that stay in those rooms. The rooms could be listed as: Dining room, living room, bedroom, office, etc.
  • You can list your items by number to see how many items are in that room to be listed.
  • You will then list the item description.
  • Next, put in the make/model number of the item.
  • If necessary, enter the serial number or ID number of the item.
  • Enter the date that you purchased the item on.
  • Then, enter in the location of where the item was purchased.

Tips for Using the Household Inventory Checklist

  • You can edit any information that you want to add or delete from the template that is already in place.
  • Be sure to add valuable items that you know you would want to be compensated for if something were to happen to your home.
  • Keep an extra copy of the template somewhere safe once you have all the information entered. This will ensure that you will have it handy for your insurance company. Ask if your insurance company would like to keep a copy on file as well to ensure it is in a safe place.

In order to download a Household Inventory Checklist, be sure to use the link on this page. This template can be downloaded for absolutely free. It is easy to use and is customizable to fit your exact needs for the Household Inventory Checklist. Be sure to get this template today!

Download: Household Inventory Checklist

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