IT Job Skills Checklist

Free IT Job Skills Checklist

You need an IT Job Skills Checklist to illustrate your inventory of technical skills. It’s not enough to say you are good with computers. There is a multitude of software, hardware, applications and networks. Without an inventory of your technical skills, an employer doesn’t know how much your worth. They have no reason to hire you or give you a raise. Having a list of your technical skills in writing gives employers the opportunity to look at your skills even when they don’t have time to talk.

A customized IT Job Skills Checklist shows that you have taken control over your career. It demonstrates that you are serious about your work and your future. This Microsoft Office Word template makes it affordable for you to provide the documentation necessary for you to stand out.

How to Use the IT Job Skills Checklist Word Document

  1. First, download the template which is available for free on this page.
  2. Second, customize with your name, company information, and logo. Check off any skills you may have. Take note of any skills you need or want to learn in the future. As you learn new applications and updated information, note this.
  3. Modify the IT Job Skills Checklist to inventory other skills like money management or customer relations. Customize the form to include accomplishments such as publications, presentations, or awards.
  4. You can email your modified checklist as an attachment or print multiple copies for yourself and an employer.

Tips for Using the IT Job Skills Checklist Word Document

  1. Use this checklist for personal development. Keep track of skills you have and those you need to stay competitive.
  2. Resumes will be easy to create. Employment applications will be a breeze to fill out with this handy IT Jobs Skills Checklist.
  3. Have your IT Jobs Skills Checklist on hand for annual reports. Use this checklist as a reference during job interviews and performance evaluations. Get credit for your work by having a written reference that is easy for employers to review.

In business everyone has to prove what they are worth. Make this process of proving yourself painless with a technical skills inventory.

Download: IT Job Skills Checklist

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