Kebab Party Preparation Checklist

Kebab Party Preparation Checklist

There is nothing in the world quite like a kebab party. The ancient art of skewering various foods onto a wooden stick and then eating it (sans stick) is one celebrated on many occasions. To throw the best party, use the Kebab Party Preparation Checklist to create a memorable and amazing event.

Tips on using the Kebab Party Preparation Checklist

The list is divided into five portions: the essentials, food suggestions, recommended condiments, various beverages, and extras to make your event extra special.

The essentials of course includes skewers. This is the only true essential for a kebab-fest, however if you want to throw a real party, you’ll need more. Though kebabs don’t need to be roasted, many prefer food items that need cooking so be sure to have a barbecue or fire pit available. ¬†Napkins, plates, and a place to throw away skewers is also recommended.

The food portion covers just the most common kebab adornments. Erase, replace, or add any food items. Likewise, the condiments and beverages are just suggestions.

The extras column is part of the party preparation portion. Having chairs, a table (with food) and balloons will make the fiesta more festive. Though kebabs are the main event, its important your guests are comfortable.

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