Safety Inspection Checklist

Free Safety Inspection Checklist

The process of buying a home can be exciting and stressful. A home is often the biggest purchase you make in your life. With such a big investment, you want to make sure that you are picking the right home for your family. You can use our Safety Inspection Checklist to go over every detail of your new home. Once you complete our checklist, you can feel more secure in your decision in buying that house.

How to Use the Safety Inspection Checklist

Before you put in an offer in on a new home, use our Safety Inspection Checklist to evaluate the features of the house. It is available here free of charge and you can use it to catalog every feature of your new home. The checklist is easy to use and downloadable right from our website.

Once you download it to your computer, it is customizable to your needs. Once you have the Safety Inspection Checklist ready, you can use it to record the size of the house, how old the home is, condition of the plumbing, heating, cooling and so on. This will help you evaluate the condition of the new home.

Tips for Using the Safety Inspection Checklist

  • Before making an offer on a home, take the Safety Inspection Checklist with you and take a close walk through of the home.
  • Record any observation and defects that you see as you walk through the house.
  • Use the checklist to evaluate what needs to be done on the home. Then you can decide if you are still interested in the house and what a fair price would be to offer on the house.
  • Be sure to write down any features that concern you about the house and also parts of the home that you really like. This will help you weigh the pros and the cons of the home before putting in an offer.

Buying a home is a big step. Make sure that you are confident in your purchase and that you make a good choice in a home. This checklist can help you gather the important information you need to make an educated choice about purchasing a home.

Download: Safety Inspection Checklist

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