SEO Checklist

Building an online presence is crucial to the success of your business. Driving traffic to your website depends largely on submitting your site to the premier search engines and to the various social media platforms. Prevent duplicate submissions with our free customizable SEO Checklist template.

How to Use the SEO Checklist

  • Download this free template and begin customizing the data to fit your online goals.
  • Review the pre-populated search engines and social media sites to ensure the ones listed are the ones you plan on using.
  • Add or remove data by simply highlighting the text you wish to replace and entering the desired information.
  • Save the final copy to an easy to locate folder for future reference when you have finished customizing the free SEO Checklist Template.
  • Print a copy to have at hand as your submit your site. Place a check mark in the box located in the right hand column to help track your submissions.

Simple Hints and Tips for Optimizing the SEO checklist

  • Add lines by placing your cursor at the end of the line of text and pressing enter one time for each line you wish to add.
  • Remove lines and extra line spacing by pressing delete at the end of your line of text. You may also highlight the entire line of text and press delete, this will remove the text as well as the line space.
  • If you prefer a different font face or brighter color, highlight the text to be changed, and choose the font face from the drop down menu on your toolbar. Repeat this step to change the color of your font.
  • There is room to add notes and reminders at the bottom of the form to assist you in remembering those additional sites you run across when submitting your website.

Properly submitting your website to search engines without duplicating submissions is made easy with our free downloadable SEO checklist. Download your free copy of this checklist right here from our website today and avoid potential and costly duplicate submissions. A duplicate submission could ruin your online presence before it begins. Download your free customizable SEO checklist today and get a head start on the competition.

Download: SEO Checklist

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