Vehicle Breakdown Checklist

The stress and anxiety caused by a vehicle breakdown can cause one of the worst experiences. Not knowing what’s wrong with your car or how to fix it can cause a lot panic. Don’t worry, there’s ways to make sure things go well in this situation. Start preparing with our Vehicle Breakdown checklist and prevent any grief in the future.

Using the Vehicle Breakdown Checklist

The vehicle breakdown checklist is very simple to use. Just run through the list and acquire each item to better prepare yourself.  The first thing to do in preparation for a vehicular breakdown is by having roadside assistance or a breakdown service. AAA, for example, is a great company to start with. They provide towing, rental cars, battery jump starts, flat tire fixes, and other services to get you on your way after a breakdown. In the case that you don’t have roadside assistance, simply skip that list item but keep following along.

The most valuable items to have during a breakdown are food and water. Some people can get stranded for hours without a sign of either. Keeping a case of bottled water in the trunk is a simple and smart thing to do. In addition, store a few candy bars in the case you’re hungry. You’ll thank yourself later.

Depending on the weather and location of your breakdown, a heavy coat and blanket are clever things to keep in the trunk as well. In case of injury, you should also keep a first aid kit handy. And who knows what time of day or night you may get into trouble? The next thing on our checklist is to keep a flashlight handy in case you stall at night. Don’t forget to keep extra batteries for it, and test them every 3-6 months.

Our checklist will help you stay safe in case of a vehicle breakdown. Make sure to add these simple items to your car to make sure you’re prepared.

Download: Vehicle Breakdown Checklist

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