Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Our everyday busy schedules can often get in the way when it comes to the maintenance of our vehicles. The vehicle inspection checklist is a great way to help individuals stay on track of when their car needs to be maintenance next. Every vehicle is different as to how many miles they must wait until their oil is changed and several other factors. The vehicle inspection checklist is great to print out for each car, and they can be edited to fit the car’s needs.

How to Use the Vehicle Inspection Checklist

  • At the top of the checklist, the owner will need to list the make, model, and year of the vehicle the checklist is for.
  • The chart is set for every 5,000 miles. If this amount needs to be changed, it can be edited within the program.

The following sections can be documented:

  • Change oil and filter
  • Rotate tires and check pressure
  • Check coolant, hoses, clamps, and belts
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace spark plugs or glow plugs
  • Lubricate suspension and universal joints
  • Change transmission fluid
  • Inspect brakes
  • Other

Tips for Using the Vehicle Inspection Checklist

  • You may add or delete sections that you may need depending on your vehicle’s needs.
  • You can write in the date under the section you done and by the number of miles it was done by.
  • This template can be altered to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of in the best ways possible

The vehicle inspection checklist is easy-to-use. It’s customizable features really helps individuals with remembering the importance of their vehicle maintenance. This way, the owner is ensured their vehicle will last for as long as possible. To get your free template today, be sure to hit the download button right off of this page. It only takes seconds to download. It can be used just the way it is or edited within the program that it opens up in.

Download: Vehicle Inspection Checklist

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