Website Evaluation Checklist

Free Website Evaluation Checklist

Businesses, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs will find the Website Evaluation Checklist is the perfect tool for their Internet endeavors. Rather than come up short on the website budget, people simply use the checklist to determine exactly what is needed and come out in the black.

Customizing the template to specifically fit a business or nonprofit organization’s site is as easy a clicking the mouse, saving everybody time and money. All one has to do is download the Website Evaluation Checklist, customize to fit the business and print out the template.

Customizing the Website Evaluation Checklist

The Website Evaluation Checklist is ideal for determining a website budget, particularly when one can so easily customize the template. Instead of dealing with a generalized budget template that doesn’t quite fit the website, businesses and individuals can easily create a checklist customized to fit their specific needs. Simply take advantage of the free, easy-to-use download located below, personalize the template to one’s specific website needs and print out the ideal budget checklist.

How to Use the Website Evaluation Checklist

  • The first step after the template is successfully downloaded is to open Excel, select the “File” menu, and click on the budget template.
  • Once the new document is open, one simply highlights the desired field, inputs the information and moves on to the next field.
  • The next step is to determine the appearance of the checklist by selecting the font style, font color, field background color and more, personalizing the template to one’s needs.
  • All that is left is to save the customized budget checklist and print out as needed.

Tips for Using the Website Evaluation Checklist

  • Create common cost categories when customizing the template that fit the specific website.
  • Include the various items that fall under each category, double checking each list to ensure they are complete.
  • Use the grey sections of the template to include fixed website expenses, making sure those figures are not altered.
  • Double check estimates, costs and totals to ensure the budget is accurate.

Download: Website Evaluation Checklist

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