Writing Checklist

Students will find the Writing Checklist the perfect starting point and guide to writing an attention-grabbing paper. In fact, this template, complete with title, outline and content pages, is ideal for persuasive, compare and contrast, argumentative and other types of essays.

The ability to customize the outline to ensure the paper stands out from the crowd gives essays that extra something most students want. All one has to do is download the Writing Checklist, customize to fit the student perfectly and print out the perfect essay.

Customizing the Writing Checklist

One of the greatest bonuses to using the Writing Checklist is that one can customize an essay to fit a theme or express one’s individuality. Better yet, students will find that they can alter the template to fit their specific needs, adding points, deleting unneeded information and creating the ideal paper. Simply take advantage of the free download located below, personalize the template to fit one specific needs, write the essay and print out the ideal paper.

How to Use the Writing Checklist

  • Once the template is successfully downloaded, open Microsoft Word, click on “File” menu and select the writing template.
  • The next step is to choose the appropriate field and add the required information.
  • After the fields are filled in, one can opt to change the font style, size and color according to individual taste and essay requirements.
  • The last step is to save the essay to the desired file and print out the completed paper.

Tips for Using the Writing Checklist

  • Be sure to follow the instructor’s instructions when customizing the template.
  • Make sure to brainstorm before writing the outline to ensure no point is forgotten.
  • Do not forget to include a thesis statement, writing the statement first and building the paper around that key point.
  • Save the template as work progresses as often as possible to ensure one does not lose any crucial information.
  • Proofread the work and double check the formatting before printing out the final copy of the essay.

Download: Writing Checklist

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