Creating a Blog Checklist

Create a Blog Checklist

Creating a blog (an online diary) is very fast and simple. There are many free blog hosting services out there to aid you in creating and writing your own blog. Before you create a blog, you should know that there are certain aspects that need to be addressed. Checklist Template is here to help you make the smartest decisions when it comes to creating your blog.

Make Your Blog Stand Out

The first step is to make your blog different from others. Having a catchy title, logo, or other memorable branding will likely generate more returning users. Regarding your layout, make sure to avoid cluttering the page elements together. Make the navigation easy to find and use, and decided on a visual theme. Most blogging platforms offer free or paid themes (designs). All themes should be responsive so your blog shows up beautifully on every device possible.

Write Better Content with our Create a Blog Checklist

The content of your blog should be rich and distinctive. You will receive more visitors depending on how interesting your writing is. A demographic range, or audience, should also be chosen. Choosing what age range you’re writing for will change your content dramatically. To make sure your posts aren’t dull, be sure to include pictures or videos in your articles.

The next step is to test for usability. Viewers won’t sit around waiting for your blog to load, so make sure your blog loads fast. Don’t forget to exclude any popup ads or multimedia that automatically starts when the viewer loads the page. Finally, make sure to cover any legal bases. Remember to cite sources, have a privacy disclosure, and obey copyright laws.

By following our Create a Blog checklist, you’re on your way to making your blog as fruitful as possible! Download the checklist today.

Download: Create a Blog Checklist

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