Diaper Bag Checklist

Free Diaper Bag Checklist

Having a baby is a very exciting and special event for everyone in the family. It can also be a stressful time that expecting parents want to go as planned. However, when the time comes, sometimes things can get a bit hectic. By downloading this free, easy to use diaper bag checklist template, you can take some of the stress out of the big day by having your diaper bag packed, checklist in hand. Customized to you and your families needs, this checklist can be a real time saver when getting ready to head out to the hospital and can ensure nothing important is forgotten.

How to Use the Customizable Diaper Bag Checklist Template

  • First, download the free diaper bag checklist template and save it to your desktop or laptop.
  • Second, open the template and read through the standard items on the list. While reading the list, think of all the possible things you might want to have with you on the big day.
  • Third, go over the list with your family. What are some things they think they might need? What could make the day go smoother for everyone? Add these items to the list. Using the subcategories can keep things organized for packing.
  • Fourth, pack the items listed neatly in your family’s diaper bag. Check off each item as it is packed.

Tips for Using the Free Diaper Bag Checklist Template

  • When the time comes, recheck your diaper bag with the checklist before leaving. This will ensure you and your family that you have not forgotten anything.
  • Use the subcategories that are already listed on the template to keep things organized and easily add more to fit your family’s personal needs.
  • Add a subcategory for each person in the family. By listing things separately, each person in the family can be in charge of packing their own category, saving time and allowing everyone to feel like they are helping out in this exciting time. Also, this makes it easier for each person to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything themselves.

Download: Diaper Bag Checklist

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