First Apartment or College Checklist

First Apartment or College Checklist

You’re taking the first steps toward adulthood and you need to be prepared when it comes time to move. You can use the free First Apartment or College Checklist to ensure that all your needs are met when you make that very important transition from home life to a brave new world. The free document comes with a helpful list of items that you will need when you finally move out. Some things, people often forget when they go out and then lack the essentials that make moving more like home than a strange foreign land. To download and use the free template, just follow the list of instructions below.

How to Use the First Apartment or College Checklist

The free template is made available by following the link at the bottom of this page.

When you have the file downloaded and open, you can start making your own unique additions to the document for yourself. The free template has everything you need to get started already, but adding your own items is always necessary.

The First Apartment or College Checklist breaks down the template into different color-coordinated categories that give you the essentials of what you need when you make the move.

You will start with the items you need for your kitchen area, a concept that most young college students don’t think about until it’s too late. By having some of the basics, you can avoid eating fast food all day.

In that same manner, you will go through the rest of the categories and go buy or borrow the items when you need to pack for the move.
You can also change, add, or remove the items on the list by highlighting the text and entering something new to replace it.

This template is the best way to make that transition between home life and college.

Download: First Apartment or College Checklist

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