Gym Bag Packing Checklist

Gym Bag Packing List

If you have ever wandered into a gym with just your gym clothes and a water bottle, you probably quickly discovered that people carry gym bags for a reason. Depending on how much you’re doing at the gym and what particular activities, you may need a whole range of items to make your trip comfortable. The Gym Bag Packing Checklist covers everything from the casual yoga class attendee to the daily weight lifter.

How to use the Gym Bag Packing Checklist

Begin by downloading the Excel file to see the items and areas to check off if they’ve been packed. Everything from comfortable socks to emergency inhalers is listed. The checklist covers regular gym activities such as yoga/Pilates, weight lifting, swimming, and cardio.

Besides gym accessories such as weight lifting gloves, the list also has “clean-up” items if you need to shower at the gym. Facial wipes, for instance, are great for removing sweat and preventing breakouts. A small emergency kit is a good thing to bring no matter what gym activity you’re doing. Extra medication, wraps and bandaids for accidents, and contact cleansers are all good to carry with you.

Tips for using the Gym Bag Packing Checklist

  • Deletes any rows that don’t apply to you, for instance a hair brush if you are bald. Likewise, you can replace or add rows with items you need that aren’t generally brought IE a knee brace.
  • You can print out multiple copies of this list, or just keep it on your computer to re-check each time you go to the gym.
  • Remember that bacteria breeds in moist, dirty places such as sweaty old gym clothes. Pack your used items into a separate plastic bag and wash it when you arrive home to prevent any issues.

Download the Gym Bag Packing Checklist

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