Substitute Teacher Checklist

Properly educating students is a crucial responsibility of every educator. There are, of course, times that an educator is forced to take a day off from teaching due to illness, or other personal emergencies. When this happens, substitute teachers are needed to take on the weighty responsibility of teaching students. A Substitute Teacher Checklist is a great tool for teachers to make sure that everything that is needed to properly educate a classroom is accounted for.

The Substitute Teacher Checklist is available to download for free on this page. It is very easy to use and is customizable to fit your own circumstances.

How to Use the Substitute Teacher Checklist to Benefit You

  • First, fill in customizable school information and save it to your personal file. Be sure to include the school name, address, phone number to the main office, and email. Do this for each separate assignment to keep you organized and on track.
  • Second, set up the fields that are specific to the class or classed you will be substituting for. This includes the subject of the class, the time the class starts, the number of students and the regular teacher’s name. If you need to include more detailed information about a class (for example, any special needs of students) this can be easily be inserted into a field.
  • Third, set up the fields for what needs to be done in class for that day.

Tips for Using Substitute Teacher Checklist

  • First, use the Substitute Teacher Checklist to keep track of daily tasks for multiple classes. The checklist can help you prepare for one day, multiple days, or even weeks. Use a binder to keep all of your checklists in order.
  • Second, help you prepare to pack things that you may forget about otherwise. This checklist asks you to consider things like band-aids, tissue or hand sanitizers for the class room. 
  • Third, be sure to keep your checklist saved for a couple of months in case the regular teacher has any questions for you when she returns.

Using this Substitute Teacher Checklist will ensure a professional and enjoyable teaching experience for you and your class.

Download: Substitute Teacher Checklist

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