Yoga Poses Checklist

Yoga Poses Checklist

Yoga has many benefits. It can help release your stress, improve breathing, increase flexibility, help with balance, and even act as a pre-workout activity. The daily Yoga Poses Checklist template covers some of the most common beginner level yoga poses along with a description on how to do them correctly. You can use this checklist each day to go through your poses and possibly see an improvement in your balance, stress, and flexibility.

Tips for doing yoga

You may not be able to do every pose perfectly for a long time. You also might not be able to hold poses for long, or extend your limbs or back all the way. The point of the beginner yoga poses is to help you reach that level without hurting yourself.

Remember: If you start to feel pain, stop immediately and lay flat on your back and rest for a moment. A little discomfort when initially doing a pose is normal, but don’t push yourself past that.

Repeat poses as many times as you want as long as you are not feeling discomfort or pain. You may enjoy some poses more than others, so do what you like best.

Take breaks between poses to drink water, sit down, lay back, or just breathe.

If you have any injury, avoid doing yoga that your doctor does not specifically recommend.

If you’re having difficulty achieving a pose, try using a video site like Youtube to see how others position themselves. This may help you visualize the action better.

Always use a yoga mat when doing stretches. Tile, carpet, or other hard surfaces can cause bruising or put you at risk for slipping. Keep a towel nearby to wipe sweat from your feet and hands so you can keep a good grip.

Download the Yoga Poses Checklist.

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