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Free Autism Checklist

When your child is diagnosed with Autism or is being tested for being Autistic, keeping track of their development is essential in helping them progress and improve in their skills. This Autism Checklist can help you track your child’s progress, set goals, and keep track of the different tests that your child has accomplished.

This Autism Checklist is an excellent resource for personal record keeping on your child’s progress. It also is a great resource to take you your doctor’s appointments and when you meet with your child’s teachers to easily be able to show them what is going on with your child and their development.

How to Use the Autism Checklist

This Autism Checklist is available for you to use for free on this website. It is easy to use and downloadable right from this page. Once downloaded, the Autism Checklist is customizable to your unique situation.

When filling out the checklist, enter the date first. Then you can enter the activity that was observed or the test that was administered on this date. On the right hand side of the checklist, you can then enter what was observed, the outcome of the test or activity, if progress was made, and if the goal of this test or activity was achieved.

Tips for Using the Autism Checklist

  • Be sure to be clear and concise about what the goal of the activity or test you are observing was. This will help you better determine the outcome of the activity.
  • Using this template every time you observe your child doing or attempting one of their goals will help you keep track of where they are on their developmental progress and help your child’s teachers and doctors determine the best action plan for them.
  • When making your observations, be honest and realistic when assessing and filling out what progress has been made on each goal.

Keeping track of your Autistic child’s progress is essential to their continued progress. This checklist can help you easily keep track of all that information on one sheet of paper. You can then easily bring this checklist with you whenever you meet with one of the professionals helping your child meet these goals.

Download: Autism Checklist

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