Babysitter Checklist Template

Babysitter Checklist Template Free

Leaving your little ones with a babysitter can be a difficult task, especially when you developed a routine that your children follow. A Babysitter Checklist Template is a great way to make sure that you children are following the same routine in your absence. This checklist is available at no cost and can be downloaded from this page. Help your children stay on schedule with help of this Babysitter Checklist Template, it is easy to use and customize.

Customizing this Babysitter Checklist Template allows you to change the schedule to your liking. You can start by changing the color of the checklist. Make the form fun by adding your favorite color to it. Take a step further and customize the activities by adding or removing your own items. Also, extend, change, or reduce the amount of time that is covered on the checklist. If you have hired your babysitter for an overnight job then adjust the Babysitter Checklist Template so that it only includes those nightly hours.

This Microsoft template helps to take the guess work out of babysitting. Parents are able to provide the babysitter with a schedule is easy to follow and understand.

How to Use the Babysitter Checklist Template

  • The first step is to download the form, and open it up in Microsoft Excel.
  • Customize the form by adding or subtracting activities, revising the hours that are present on the checklist, or by changing the color of the form.
  • Print out the checklist and give it to the babysitter once they arrive.

Tips for Using the Babysitter Checklist Template 

  • Print out more than one copy of the template. Give one to the babysitter and post an additional copy on the refrigerator or in an open area. This will prevent any confusion if the babysitter loses the initial copy.
  • Make sure the routine presented on the chart coincides with the routine that the children normally follow.

Leaving kids with a babysitter can be difficult for any parent. Reduce the amount of difficulty with the help of a Babysitter Checklist Template.

Download: Babysitter Checklist Template

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