Camping Packing Checklist

Camping Packing Checklist

There are many reasons to go camping: Enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with friends, adventuring and exploring, and much more. The camping packing checklist template goes over all the items you will need for casual, adventurous, or expert level camping, along with a place to mark off your items.

Read further to learn camping tricks, and download the checklist template at the bottom.

A staple of any camping trip is a a tent, as it will give you mild protection from insects, rain, and bears. Make sure you bring the proper poles and stakes, and extras in case of breakage. Your tent should be large enough to hold your bags and sleeping bag.

You can choose to bring a propane-driven food making device like a cooking stove, or simply use pots and pans over a fire to heat up canned goods. Bring matches and lighters regardless, as no camping trip is complete without a camp fire.

A map of the camping area is crucial, even if you don’t plan on going far. Going to and from the site when driving is enough of a reason to bring a map.

Medications and first-aid kits are also important. Research the area beforehand to see what wildlife (bugs, snakes, etc) reside in the are and make sure you know how to spot them and treat any injuries. Likewise, know what plants are poisonous or can cause rashes.

A GPS receiver and radio or walkie talkies are also safe items to bring. Sun screen and clothing appropriate for the weather are also needed for a camping trip.

Download the Camping Packing List.

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