Child Development Checklist

Free Child Development Checklist

Every parent wants to make sure that their children are meeting their developmental milestones in a timely manner. Documenting progress can be an effective way of keeping track of their development. The best way to do so is through a simple to use child development checklist. This way, it could be easier to recognize any cause for concern, and a medical professional would appreciate documented facts as an additional guide in case a diagnosis becomes necessary.

Each stage of growth has guiding milestones for tracking development. That is why customization is an important to a child development checklist. The Microsoft Word Child Progress Tracker Template is a free, easy-to-use tool, which can enable parents to check their child’s progress against the corresponding milestones for each childhood stage.

How to Use the Child Development Checklist

  • First, obtain a copy of the corresponding childhood development milestones for your child’s respective stage of growth, recommended by professionals in early childhood development or other reliable sources.
  • Second, print out the Microsoft Word Child Progress Tracker, available for free on this page, and downloadable right here.
  • Third, upon consulting with the chart of expected milestones, start looking for their presence in your child’s behavior, and start filling in your observations on the Child Progress Tracker.

Tips for Using the Child Development Checklist

  • First, consider keeping your child development checklist and tracker in a place that is visible and readily available for you to update as often as necessary.
  • Second, note any other observations about your child’s development that you may like to bring up to your medical professional, or treat this system as a journal to document any other important occurrences in your child’s life.
  • Third, bring your child development checklist and tracker with you when you see your child’s medical professional. That way, if any questions arise, you will be prepared to give the most accurate answers you have available regarding your child’s developmental progress.

Many parents are conscientious about the progress of their children’s development. The Microsoft Word Child Progress Tracker Template can offer valuable support to make it easier to keep up with their progress, by creating a child development checklist that makes it easier to recognize any possible reasons for concern.

Download: Child Development Checklist

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