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Free Developmental Checklist

If you don’t have access to a reliable software tool to track your child’s progress at school or don’t have a managed account from your child’s doctor, or if you are comfortable putting your child’s information on your system, you may be able to get a great program for a lot less money than you think – yes, for free. This Developmental Checklist template will let you enter your child’s data, track his or her progress in areas related to health, school, extra-curricular activities and much more.

About the Developmental Checklist

It is worth keeping in mind that there are times when your child’s record is essential, especially when you need an information about the child’s health history. There are always unexpected events or circumstances when you need to go through these records and get a school related information. The list is endless. And there are always better reasons to start right now, if you haven’t started yet – to create your child’s record. The Developmental Checklist template allows you to have flexibility when it comes to reviewing your child’s health and personal information.

Using the Developmental Checklist

The Developmental Checklist template is available on this page at no cost. In order to take full advantage of this template, you may have to get access to it. All you need to do is download it into your system. Review the features that are available in this template. These features let the user enter data one by one or collectively, including but not limited to, tests administered, date, result and goals.

This is great for busy parents, folks who want to keep track of their children’s progress online. With Developmental Checklist template you will be able to define new goals for your child. In addition, you will also be able to develop a strategy for your child’s development based on the data entered on the Developmental Checklist template.

Even if you attend regular meetings at your child’s school, having this information handy is crucial to monitor your child. The information entered can easily be passed on to professionals related to these goals when needed. This way, you are ensuring that your child is on the right path.

Download: Developmental Checklist

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