Dog Item Checklist

Dog Item Checklist

Dogs need a safe home and lots of love more than anything, but they also need lots of other things. The dog item checklist template goes over common dog items you need to keep your pup happy, along with a spot to remind you to refill items you’re out of.

Dog Tips

The leash you choose for your dog is very important There are ‘no-pull’ style leashes that prevent your dog from pulling too hard, teaching them to walk properly. Some dogs like to chew cloth, so a chain leash may be better. One of the best options is a retractable leash, so you can choose how far your dog can go.

While some dogs sleep in human beds or on furniture, its important to give them their own space like a blanket or bed. They may choose to play with toys or chew on bones here.

Automatic food and water dispensers detect when the bowl is nearing empty and will put more in the bowls. If your dog knows when to stop eating (some dogs will eat as long as their is food, making them sick), this can be helpful and save you time.

The right grooming brush will help your dog. Very short haired dogs like rottweilers generally only need light brushing, while dogs with thick fur like yorkies need more frequent, careful brushing to prevent matting.

Toys are very important for a dog to have. They need to stay entertained, or they will chew on furniture or other items to entertain themselves and show you that they need attention. Tennis balls, Kong toys, and ropes are all good items to have for your dog.

A good rule of thumb is: if the surface burns your feet, it will probably burn your dog’s paws. Dog shoes should be used if you walk your dog on a hot side walk or on hiking trail with rocks and other dangers.

Download the Dog Item Checklist for all the items. 

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