First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Kit Checklist

Every household, from a bachelor pad to a full-sized family home, should have a first aid kit available for small emergencies. Something as small as breaking a glass on the kitchen floor can lead to a cut in the foot that needs to be sterilized and patched up. Having a first aid kit around will save you trips to doctor, and will also help keep you organized with your medications.

The first aid kit template covers both the most basic needs (bandages, ointments, etc) to more advanced items such as epi-pens that people often don’t include in their kit.

With the exception of the medications (aspirin, antacids, etc), each of these items should be in a first aid kit. Burn ointment may only be used once a year, but it will save you the pain of blisters after you accidentally touch a hot stove. Gloves (latex and otherwise) are very important when treating, such as bandaging, a wound that is actively bleeding.

Towels, toilet paper, cotton swabs, and scotch tape are not suitable for repairing small wounds. Each of those items can carry the possibility of infection, and they cannot be sterilized. This is why a full first aid kit is important.

Epi-Pens and Inhalers are only available by prescription, but if you have a family member or someone who is frequently in your home that may need one, it’s a good idea to ask for an extra to keep in the kit. Both of the medications last long and are commonly used.

Finally, a list of every household member’s full name, their allergies, medications (daily or otherwise), and conditions is very helpful. In case of an emergency where someone must be taken by ambulance or driven to the ER, bringing this list will help prevent the patient being exposed to a medication or treatment that would send them into further distress.

Print this checklist and also make use of the second column to note when a refill of an item is needed.

Download our First Aid Kit Checklist template to print and use as your own.

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