First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Kit Checklist

A first aid kit is one of the most important things a person should have access to. An emergency can happen anytime, anywhere, and preparation is crucial. First aid kits should be kept at home, in your car, and at work. Use our First Aid Kit Checklist to help you prepare.

Items on the First Aid Kit Checklist

Most first aid kits have many items in common. Products like latex gloves, sterile dressings (gauze), along with tape, are the basic items found in a first aid kit. These will help dress wounds and stop bleeding in case such an occasion arises. Cleansing products like rubbing alcohol and peroxide should be on hand to clean open wounds, and antibiotic and burn creams help sooth pain and keep affected areas clean. In case a chemical gets in a person’s eye, emergency eye wash is a critical item to possess.

An emergency supply of prescription medication should always be stored in a first aid kit. If a person needs insulin, they should keep an emergency dose in their personal kit. The same can be said for people who regularly require the use of inhalers, as an extra inhaler could literally save a life. Simple items like pain relievers, antacids, and instruments like flashlights, scissors and tweezers can be very helpful in an emergency.

Tips for First Aid Kit Checklist

Follow these tips to keep your first aid kit up to date.

  • Check the kit regularly to make sure it’s fully stocked.
  • Make sure the flashlight batteries work.
  • Check dates on medications and supplies. If the product has expired, replace it as soon as possible.

Follow these tips and better prepare yourself with Checklist Template’s First Aid Kit Checklist.

Download: First Aid Kit Checklist

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