Honeymoon Planning Checklist

Most newlyweds travel to romantic or exotic places to celebrate their brand new marriage and further establish intimacy after their wedding. Often, honeymoon locations are chosen simply for their beauty or closeness to the sea. Some couples choose beautiful, popular locations like Acapulco, Las Vegas, and Maui for these facts alone. Preparing for this trip and making sure anything and everything is prepared for can be a heavy burden on anyone. With our Honeymoon Planning Checklist, you’ll surely be better prepared by the time it comes to leave for your honeymoon.

The smart thing to do is to starting planning ahead for your trip. For the months and weeks before the scheduled departure date, much can be done to further prepare you and your loved one for exotic trip. The Honeymoon Planning Checklist is split up into multiple easy to understand sections that will assist you in having everything ready in time for your trip.

Using the Honeymoon Planning Checklist

Getting a hold of the checklist is simple. Grab a copy from the end of this article and open it in your version of Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software. Glancing over it, you will see that certain preparations are needed to be made well before the date that you and your spouse leave for your honeymoon.

You’ll need to start planning for your honeymoon well in advance. Six to twelve months is the norm for going over plans with your loved one about where exactly to spend your honeymoon. If going overseas or to another country, a passport will be needed, so keep that in mind. Later on, you’ll need to prepare reservations and travel insurance for your journey. Learning about cell phone use is also very necessary in this type of situation, and you must discover how high roaming charges might be.

Shortly before departing, make sure to pack anything that might be needed, but make smart decisions as to not slow yourself down with too much luggage. Remember to double-check for your travel documents and tickets before leaving.

With Checklist Template’s Honeymoon Planning Checklist, you’re sure to be ready for the big getaway.  The checklist is very simple and straightforward and will help to make preparations easier in the long run.

Download: Honeymoon Planning Checklist

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