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Companies want to transition new hires into committed employees as quickly as possible. They want enthusiastic people as a part of the company’s work environment who are excited about quickly joining the team. The following information is contained in the new hire checklist.

Why Use the New Hire Checklist?

  1. The New Hire Checklist is fully downloadable.
  2. The New Hire Checklist is free to the public.
  3. The New Hire Checklist is created in Microsoft Word. 

Tips for New Hire Checklist Types

1. New Hire Checklist: Form W-4 for Federal Tax Withholding

As the New Hire Checklist states, new hires must complete the W-4 Form prior to receiving their initial paycheck in the New Hire Checklist. Information in the New Hire Checklist includes marital status, number of children, and specified withholding amounts. Advice from employers to the new hire is not allowed for completion of the new hire checklist. Employers, however, are allowed to suggest websites that will offer step-by-step instruction and assistance to new hires in completing the New Hire Checklist.

2. New Hire Checklist: State Income Tax Withholding Form

Employers should get in touch with their State Department of Revenue to learn how to register, as the New Hire Checklist describes. This agency provides requirements for paying and reporting withheld monies from new hire paychecks.The New Hire Checklist lists this explicitly.

3. New Hire Checklist: Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility

Every new hire is required to complete the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form, as per the directions of the New Hire Checklist. Proof of legibility must also be provided by the new hire; information includes a birth certificate or green card. The New Hire Checklist lists this clearly.

4. New Hire Checklist: Job Application Form

Every new hire is required to complete a job application form, as per the new hire checklist. Data contained in this form is then available to the employer to verify new hire information such as previous employment and education. The New Hire Checklist form also requires that the new hire sign a number of other pieces of documentation. These additional documents verify whether the employee’s information is correct,current and accurate; various other forms give the employer the right to perform background and reference checks.

5. New Hire Checklist: E-Verify System to Verify Employment Eligibility

As the New Hire Checklist states, the E-Verify System is used to determine whether the new employee is allowed to work in the United States. The system then compares federal database information with information submitted by the new hire on his or her Form I-9.

6. New Hire Checklist: State Employment Notification System Registry

As the New Hire Checklist states, employers are required to register new employees with the state’s new hire notification information system. With this registration system employers are allowed access to information about the new hire such as deductions of payments for child support.

Download the New Hire Checklist from today, and start assimilating your new team member.

FREE New Hire Checklist

Download the New Hire Checklist from Microsoft Office: New Hire Checklist

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