Planning a Wedding Checklist

Free Planning a Wedding Checklist

The keys to organizing any event are paying attention to detail and staying on schedule. The planning a wedding checklist is perhaps the best example of sticking to the task at hand and being able to pull off the greatest event of a lifetime. Rather than allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by the big day, brides are using a planning a wedding checklist and enjoying the event coordination. Anyone who is planning a wedding needs to know what they are getting into and when to make calls to the florist, caterer, and entertainment. Without an inclusive checklist, one of these important items may be forgotten.

Download our Planning a Wedding Checklist

There are many generic samples to choose from online or in party planning or stationery stores, but the free template available on this page is completely customizable. There is no waiting in line or searching through many different sites to access the complimentary wedding planning checklist. Just one quick download away, this easy-to-use checklist will keep every bride or party planner organized and in control.

Using the Wedding Planning Checklist

Knowing where to find the planning a wedding checklist is only half the battle. Users must also know how to customize the list and get the most out of this convenient tool.

  • First, determine how much time there is until the big day. Then use separate headings for what needs to be done at 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, etc.
  • Next, list events or phone calls that must be completed within each time frame. Be specific. If decisions need to be made before the next step can be taken, list the contingencies. This will make it easy to schedule cake or wine taste testings.
  • Finally, review the list for accuracy. Does the outline make sense? Will the timeline flow smoothly and allow for any last minute changes? How flexible is the caterer, guest list, rehearsal date, etc.?

Customizing the planning a wedding checklist will certainly make life much easier for every bride or event planner. Allow room for notes as things come up, such as delegating tasks to bridesmaids or scheduling a dress fitting. Happy organizing!

Download: Planning a Wedding Checklist

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