Quality Assurance Checklist

Free Quality Assurance Checklist

This is a template for a survey of comparative quality checklist. A person might want to download this template because it is useful for monitoring compliance and maintenance of standards in an organization. Download and print the Quality Assurance Checklist from Microsoft for free here today!

What is a Quality Assurance Checklist?

  • A quality checklist provides steps for inspection and identification of deficiencies in the process and the organization’s products and services.
  • A checklist is used to verify that the implementation plans of an organization’s goals are properly monitored.
  • The quality assurance system monitors the desirable attributes of a product or service.
  • Use the Quality Assurance Checklist template Word document to simplify the process.

How to Use the Quality Assurance Checklist

You will perform a side-by-side comparison of items with this survey document. First, fill in the identification section that indicates name, age, and gender. Score the items on a 1-5 scale. Circle the number to the right that you think fits the quality of the item. Select the quality number from the scale. Rate each item description as poor, good or excellent.

Tips for Using the Quality Assurance Checklist

  • Develop measurable criteria for your products and services and include each measurement on your checklist.
  • Group the criteria into sections
  • Criteria should enforce the perception of a high quality organization
  • Be sure to include the address, phone numbers, and email contacts of your organization

The quality assurance checklist template Word document can be used to guarantee the excellence of your products and services, and to reflect the professionalism and superiority of your organization.

Remember, the term “Quality Assurance” refers to ways of guaranteeing the quality of a service or product. The quality assurance system gauges the desirable aspects of a product or service and monitors the situation to make sure those attributes are retained. The quality checklist will also make sure that your products and services reflect the professionalism and superiority of your organization.

Download: Quality Assurance Checklist

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