Sandwich Party Checklist

Sandwich Party Checklist

There are few things better in life than a sandwich party. A celebration of one of the most diverse foods that everyone can enjoy, a sandwich party is a unique way to spend time with friends and create amazing sandwiches. Our Sandwich Party Checklist Template includes the prep instructions, along with breads, vegetables, meats, cheeses, condiments, and sides you’ll need.


After sending out invitations, make sure you have all the non-edible necessities to hold a sandwich party. Disposable items are a must, as many people will be making mini-sandwiches and no one brings their own knife to a party. A toaster oven is a great addition, as many sandwiches taste better heated.


Sandwiches can be put together with virtually any type of bread. Shun the idea of only simple white bread – a good sandwich can be created as a wrap, between bagel slices, on a kaiser roll, or enveloped in a delicious pita bread.


Have one table dedicated to vegetable additions to a sandwich. Make sure most of the vegetables are pre-sliced and laid out to be picked up with tooth-picks or tongs for ease.

Meats & Cheeses

A plain-vegetable sandwich can be delicious, but this is a party – so get crazy. Add meats (or fake meat), cheeses, and experiment with the additions melted onto your sandwich.


You can get very creative with the condiments, as there are plenty of options outside of the normal mayonnaise and mustard. Lay out your condiments in bowls or other holding devices, and provide lots of spreading knives and spoons for your guests.


No sandwich is complete without a delicious side. This can range from soup to a simple pickle. If you want to get extra party-y, you can add the sides inside of the sandwich

Other Tips

Have recipes and pairing suggestions at each table. Many people will want to make a sandwich they’re familiar with, but providing recipe cards with other suggestions will help them explore all the sandwich opportunities.

Download the Sandwich Party Checklist Template

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