School Supply Checklist

School Supply Checklist Free

It’s that time of year again — back to school. Crowds of parents and kids will be headed to the stores to buy supplies for the new year. If you want to be the first in line, and you don’t want to make a second trip, come prepared with the School Supply Checklist. 

How to Use the School Supply Checklist

This checklist is free, easy-to-use and customizable.

  • First, download the checklist from this page onto your computer.
  • Second, review the checklist and compare it with the school supply suggestions of your child’s teacher(s).
  • Next, revise the items in the checklist to personalize them to your child’s needs and the teacher’s expectations.
  • Finally, add any additional items needed.

Tips for Using the School Supply Checklist

  • Don’t buy if it you don’t need it. Before heading to the store, ask your child to help you put together any leftover supplies from the previous year that can be used again.
  • Some teachers or schools have particular suggestions in mind for certain items. For example, there are many kinds of “folders” or “binders.” If possible, check with the teacher or school, or your child, about whether there is a particular kind of folder or binder that is needed before purchasing. You may be surprised at how pricey these items can get!
  • Before heading to the store, check over the list with your child to see which items on your checklist are absolute musts, which are highly recommended, and which are extras or optional.
  • Don’t forget to bring the checklist with you to the store! Mark off each item as you put in the basket. If it’s not on the School Supply Checklist, don’t buy it (or, at least, reconsider if it’s really necessary).

The School Supply Checklist is an important way to start getting your child organized for the new school year, and to make the back-to-school shopping experience efficient, successful, and stress-free. Using a checklist will also be a relief to your pocketbook!

Download: School Supply Checklist

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