Storm Preparedness Checklist

Enduring a hurricane, tornado, or storm can be one of the horrifying experiences a person can go through. The noise, the adrenaline, the fright, and the doubt all make for one intense time that can change you and your family forever. Stay one step ahead of the weather with the easy to use Storm Preparedness Checklist by Checklist Template. Our simple checklist guides you along in preparation for a category five hurricane or even a small monsoon. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, and depending on where you live, it’s the smart thing to do.

Using the free Storm Preparedness Checklist

We have a list of items on the storm preparedness checklist that everyone should have stored in the case of a powerful storm advancing. You’ll need Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program to allow you to open and read our checklist. The great thing about the checklist is that it is extremely customizable. It just takes seconds to add your own items or change the items that are currently on the storm prep checklist. You’ll see there’s a column to check off the item when you’ve stored it, as well as a column to stores any notes that you may need in the future.

Tips for the Storm Preparedness Checklist

Once you open the checklist, you’ll notice that we provide you with the bare necessities to aid you in preparing for a storm. Basic things like flashlights, radios, and batteries are among the first items on the list. Packing one or multiple coolers with food, water, and ice is an obvious step. Having a first aid kit nearby will also prepare you for small scratches and scrapes in addition to handling minor emergencies.

Small but important items like towels, tools, and a vacuum are on the list, which show their importance. Many people even have gas generators ready for use if needed. Lastly, always keep cash on you. The situation may end up being extremely dire, and if this happens, you’ll also need your insurance records. The importance of the items on this list cannot be understated.

Download: Storm Preparedness Checklist


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