The Pre-Workout Checklist

The Pre-Workout Checklist

If you just swagger into a gym and hit the weights, chances are you’ll be out the door and in a bit of pain within the hour. The path to a fit and healthy body is not an easy one, and requires preparation. The Pre-Workout Checklist will help you pack, prep, stretch, and be ready to tackle the gym.

How to use the Pre-Workout Checklist

Download the Excel file to see the checklist divided into “packing” and “preparation”. Even if you just going to gym for 30 minutes, it’s still important to bring at least water and a towel with you, along with any emergency medicine such as an inhaler.

For long-term visits, bring clean clothes and showering accessories, along with a protein-based snack for after your workout. A separate bag for dirty clothes will help keep mildew and grime out of your gym bag.

The Preparation portion is important no matter how long you’ll be at the gym. All muscles need to warm-up before being used. Rotating, stretching, and bending your body will help loosen your body up and prepare it for activity. Everyone has their own warm-up process depending on what they’re doing, so try searching Youtube videos to find what warm-up will suit you best. You can also ask a gym employee to help you learn how to safely prepare for a workout.

Finally, make sure your shoes are on tight (no one wants them coming off while you’re running). Tie hair back to avoid it getting stuck in any machine, and wear clothing that is breathable but not so loose that it can get stuck somewhere.

Download the Pre-Workout Checklist

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