Zombie Preparation Checklist

Zombie Preparation Checklist

There seem to be hundreds of books, movies, comics, and TV shows detailing humanity’s messy downfall to the decaying hands of the un-dead. While the threat of a zombie outbreak is ridiculously improbable, if a multi-verse exists then there is a completely solid and undeniable reason to prepare…because there’s always a chance your multi-verse is the one that makes that improbable odd.

We’ve created the zombie preparation checklist template to help you guard yourself in case the day ever comes that you’ll need the protection. This checklist details the items and tasks you’ll need to complete before the outbreak.

See the download link to the template at the bottom of the page, and read on for more tips.

Basic Items

A backpack or convertible duffle bag will be your best friend during a quick escape. Make sure the one you choose in a dark color, made of light-weight material, and has no extra straps that could be grabbed by someone feeling hungry.

A small knife attached to a belt will be helpful in close combat. Likewise, it will work with a pair of scissors or mult-purpose tool for cutting hair, clothing, rope, and other blockades.

If possible, carry a can of spare gasoline as it will become sparse quickly. If you can’t do this, at least have a container to hold gasoline along with a hose.

Clothing Items

You don’t want to outrun the apocalypse in a business suit, so pack tight-fitting clothing that is easy to maneuver in. Baggy items are easily grabbed, so stick with full-coverage pieces. All-terrain shoes may be a bit heavy, but you might have to travel through mountains, woods, rivers, and other places that could slice through shoes. A pair of non-absorbent (latex) gloves are good for working with wounds, and gloves with palm grippers will help you when climbing trees or rocks.

Food Items

Anything that requires almost no preparation, doesn’t expire for a year or more, and can be carried lightly will make your travels easy. Beef jerky, canned fruits (who wants scurvy?), and ramen packets are good sources of food. Not exactly nutritious, but you’ll get by.

Other Prep

Decide on some safety-spots near your work and home you can reach quickly. Anything high-level is good, and its important that you don’t choose places that many people are likely to flee to. Likewise, map out short-term safety spots in your state’s area in case you need to hide or break for awhile. Create a long-term plan too, so you aren’t just jumping from one spot to another.

Download the zombie preparation checklist template here.

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