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Free Babysitter Checklist

Trusting someone to watch your child or children is a very important decision. You can best prepare your babysitter by using the babysitter checklist. You can instantly download and print the Microsoft babysitter checklist for free. Get the template by clicking on the link available on this page today!

Using the Microsoft Babysitter Checklist Template

The babysitter checklist from Microsoft is very easy to use. The checklist comes in the form of a Microsoft Word document and it can be printed off instantly after it is downloaded.

One of the unique features of the babysitter checklist is that there are four spots to add pictures of your child or children. To add a picture, simply click on the graphic. You can also remove placeholders that aren’t necessary.

The body of the babysitter checklist is broken down into four categories:

  • Where to Find Us
  • Instructions
  • Medical Emergency Information
  • Home Emergency Information

In the “Where to Find Us” section of the babysitter checklist, you can tell the babysitter where you will be, the address of the location, the phone number and the date and time you expect to be home. In the “Instructions” section, tell the babysitter what meals and snacks your child enjoys, what activities they like to take part in, what medications they may take and what their favorite toys and games are.

Below the instructions is a space reserved for notes or any other additional information you feel the babysitter needs to know.

In the “Medical Emergency Information” section of the babysitter checklist, input the name address and phone number of your regular family physician, an emergency clinic and a neighbor or friend. There’s also a space to authorize emergency medical care if it is required.

The “Home Emergency Information” section is perhaps the most important section on the babysitter checklist. This is where you will input the most important phone numbers, including the local police, fire department, electric company and the water company. You’ll also put your house address, phone number and nearest intersection.

The next time you head out and leave the kids at home, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Download the babysitter checklist for free today!

Download: Babysitter Checklist

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