Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Bathroom renovation can be a great deal of work. It may be helpful to make a detailed bathroom renovation checklist to help with your remodeling plans. The bathroom renovation checklist should include all of the things that you plan to change or remodel. If you plan to change or remodel the sink and bathtub then these items should appear on your bathroom renovation checklist.

Using the Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Bathroom renovation may involve remodeling the floor and walls. You may choose to place new tile on the floor and possibly put wallpaper on the walls. Therefore, the floor tiles and wallpaper should also be added to your bathroom renovation checklist.

Once you have all the supplies listed on the bathroom renovation checklist it is time to do some shopping. In most cases, bathroom supplies can be purchased at a home remodeling warehouse. Once your supplies are purchased you must decide on a day when you plan to begin the remodeling of the bathroom. Once your supplies are purchased it may be a good idea to go over the bathroom renovation checklist and place checks next to all supplies to make sure you have everything.

It may help to divide your bathroom renovation checklist into groups. Dividing the bathroom renovation checklist into groups will help you better organize your remodeling schedule. The renovation checklist should list in order what project you plan to tackle first. Therefore, if you plan to replace floor and shower first then those two tasks should appear at the beginning of the bathroom renovation list. It would be a good idea to write the begin date on your renovation checklist. In addition, upon completion you may wish to write a completion date on your renovation checklist.

Bathroom renovation can end up taking you a considerable amount of time. However, if you take it slow you will find you will eventually complete the job to your satisfaction.

If you employ someone to assist you with the renovation project you may find that it will take much less time to complete. In addition, having an assistant will take some of the work load off of one person.

Download: Bathroom Renovation Checklist

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