Bid Assessment Checklist

Free Bid Assessment Checklist

A bid assessment is a formula that tells how much a property owner owes in taxes every year. While it might sound simple, there are a lot of variables that go into a bid assessment. It’s possible to go get a professional and to have them run the numbers, but often times it’s less costly to just do it oneself. That is where the bid assessment checklist comes into play, and where it does a lot of the heavy lifting on behalf of the homeowner.

What is a Bid Assessment Checklist?

A bid assessment checklist is a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is programmed with all of the formulas and variables that a property owner needs to fill in. It’s a simple matter of opening the document, plugging in all of the real world numbers, and then letting the document figure out what the totals should be based on the input. As long as someone has the proper data to put in, then he or she can get the right results every, single time.

Where to Get the Bid Assessment Checklist

Getting the bid assessment checklist is as easy as clicking the link provided. All one has to do is download a copy and save it to his or her computer. Once the file is saved, simply open it, and click “Save As”. Change the name of the document to something memorable like “Tax Assessment 2014”, and then you’ll have two, separate files. Fill in the newly made file with all of the details for the year in question, and watch as it calculates the results. It’s really that simple.

This file is free to download, but just as importantly it’s free to download as many times as someone needs to. There’s no hit counter saying someone can only get this file once, or twice, or three times. If someone needs to put it on multiple machines, or if the initial file gets corrupted, lost, written over, or deleted, then all that person has to do is download a replacement. There’s no charge, and it will never be an inconvenience. All someone has to do is follow the link and download the file again. Point, click, save, and the document that calculates the bid assessments is back, good as new. There aren’t many companies who can say that, and that’s why so many people have used this taxes template already.

Download: Bid Assessment Checklist

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