Blank Checklist Template

FREE Blank Checklist Template

Download the perfect solution to organize and streamline your tasks with this blank checklist template.

This downloadable blank checklist template allows you to customize it to your specific needs simply and efficiently. Using the formulas contained within the blank checklist template and sorting capabilities installed with Excel, you can easily organize various projects by deadlines. Let the blank checklist template do the work for you.

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How to Use the Blank Checklist Template in Excel

The purpose of this blank checklist template for Excel varies by what function you need, some examples of this printable, easy-to-use blank checklist template are:

• Cash flow with the blank checklist template: Keep track of expenditures for business travel, hotel charges, entertainment and deductibles for your business.

• Vacations with the blank checklist template: Checklist for flight arrangements, household obligations, packing necessities, departure day tasks and arrival city requirements.

• Building projects with the blank checklist template: List contractors contact information, bid summaries, dates of completion, and investment versus equity gains.

• DIY projects with the blank checklist template: Keep track of home improvements, color specifications and vendors. Detail lists of where to begin and how to follow thru with upkeep and calculate cost from year to year.

• Seasonal plantings with the blank checklist template: Keep track of weather conditions to determine optimal planting and harvests times for the region.

• Special occasion list with the blank checklist template: Keep track of contacts, birthdays, anniversary, memberships, and holiday cards.

• Business contacts blank checklist template: Owners and associations, qualifications, hours of business and rates.

Tips for Using the Blank Checklist Template

Managing the blank checklist template can be accomplished with basic or complex formulas, depending on your objective. The blank checklist template works with all Excel functions and macros so the data you enter will always perform properly.

  • To swiftly import data to additional worksheets, use identical descriptive headers in the blank checklist template, such as Name, Address and Email.
  • Include comments in your form fields to input additional data within the blank checklist template.
  • Using the search capabilities in the blank checklist template will allow you to locate commonalities among your data, such as contact locations.
  • Set filters in the blank checklist template to prioritize projects by deadlines, costs, necessity or sort data using a combination of preferences.
  • If you prefer a hard copy the blank checklist template can be printed by highlighting/selecting the area you wish to print.
  • As a visual aid for the blank checklist template, data can also be converted to charts or graphs to interpret the statistics in the blank checklist template.

Download the Blank Checklist Template from Vertex 42: Blank Checklist Template

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