Checklist for Moving Out

Are you planning to move soon, or know someone who is? Are you interested in an easy way to stay organized during the move? If so, a checklist for moving out is exactly what you need. Coming up with everything involved in the moving process can be just as stressful as the actual move. But stress no more, we have created something to help you get organized prior to moving out. Check out this free template that you can download and customize to your own specifications.

Getting Started with the Checklist for Moving Out

This moving out checklist is meant to make your moving process go as smooth as possible. It might be easier if you print the checklist for moving out so everyone involved with the move has their own copy. Next, set up some time to go through the entire checklist for moving out with your moving team. During this time you will want to:

  • Go over all the steps on the list
  • Make any edits so the list is appropriate for your situation
  • Ensure each step is assigned to someone
  • Give everyone a chance to ask questions or make suggestions

Using the Checklist for Moving Out During the Move

Since the checklist for moving out is set up as a countdown by the number of weeks left before the move, it might be a good idea to set aside some time every week, or every other week with everyone involved to go over the list. This will give everyone a chance to give their updates, cross off what has already been done, ask any questions, and review what the next steps are. And not only is this a checklist of action items starting 8 weeks prior to the move, but it goes through the move to 30 days after.

Whether you are an organized person or not, this tool is definitely something you should consider. Moving can be such a pain, but if you use this checklist for moving out as a way to organize yourself, and the move, the process will be much easier.

Download: Checklist for Moving Out

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