Cheese Party Checklist

There are few things in the world better than cheese, which is why cheese parties are a completely normal and acceptable event. The Cheese Party Checklist will help you organize a delicious and wonderful cheese tasting event for you and your friends,

Tips on using the Cheese Party Checklist

The most important part of a cheese party is, obviously, the cheese. The list has five spaces of recommended cheese, however you can replace or add onto this list with more, different cheeses. For instance, some choose to throw a themed cheese party such as only imported cheeses.

Cheese accessories are part of what makes a cheese party enjoyable. Since cheese is able to be paired with breads, fruits, and wines, these items are most commonly seen at cheese parties. Research your preferred cheeses before the party and find the best fruits and wines to accompany your cheeses. You can even make place cards on the cheese plates that indicate what foods/drinks go best with what cheeses.

Since simply having a table filled with cheese is not very classy, consider organizing the party with decor and accessories. Scatter the cheese plates throughout the room so guests can move about and taste the cheeses while mingling. Comment cards are fun for guests to utilize as a way to tell their friends about good cheese.

Complete your cheese party with a set list of music that is melodic but not loud enough to make it difficult for guests to converse. Finally, enjoy your cheese party.

Download the Cheese Party Checklist

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