College Application Checklist

Going to college is a big step in a person’s life, both educationally and financially. Making the decision of which college is right for you is a difficult task, but you must also apply and get accepted before you attend. This can add stress to an exciting time in your life. To help you keep track of your applications, deadlines, college requirements and finances, and to easily compare each college on your list, this easy to use college application checklist template is available for free download! It is fully customizable to fit your personal college application information, along with other important data regarding your applications.

How to Use the College Application Checklist Template

  • First, download the free college application checklist template and save it to your desktop or laptop.
  • Second, read over the categories listed. It is organized to efficiently track all of your important data regarding each college you are applying to, or have applied to already.
  • Third, fill in each section for each college you’re applying to. Data such as SAT requirements, financial requirements, school contact information, and specifics like dates applications were sent and dates the admissions personnel were contacted should all be included. By doing so, comparing each college and retrieving important information is extremely easy and stress free.
  • Fourth, make sure your information stays current. If you get a response from a college regarding your application, add it to your college application checklist as soon as possible. This eliminates confusion, and also ensures that you can keep accurate track of your application processes for each college.

Tips for Using the Free College Application Checklist Downloadable Template

  • The more information you enter, the easier your application experience will be. By having everything easily accessible, comparisons between colleges can be done at a quick glance, and any questions regarding the colleges themselves or your applications can be answered efficiently with ease.
  • By completing your customized checklist, you will be able to make an educated decision when making your final choice of college that is right for you with out hesitation. No matter how many applications you have submitted or how many colleges you have been accepted to, every important detail that may affect your decision will be easily accessed quickly in one place.

Download: College Application Checklist

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