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Email marketing is one of the most direct ways to communicate with current and potential customers or clients. Being that it is a great way to get personal with consumers, it also incredibly important that the content you send is clear, accurate and free of errors. A great way to keep on top of your email marketing efforts and ensure that you are only sending out the best quality emails is to use an email marketing checklist. This checklist will help you not only double check your mail for technical problems, but make sure you check that your email has a purpose and that your intentions are clear to the end user.

How to Use the Email Marketing Checklist

The email marketing checklist is an easy to follow and easy to use checklist that is available to download for free from our website. It is a great tool to use before sending out an email marketing campaign. Start by writing up your emails as you usually would. When you are finished make sure you reread and revise your email per the checklist. Go over each section and check off each step as you finish them. This will ensure that the email you are sending is of marketing quality.

  • The first step is to reread your email and make sure it is clear and makes sense
  • The next step is to make sure the email follows the MPS P.A.S.S directions. That mean the email has (P) purpose, (A) actions that are clearly defined, (S) supporting information, and (S) an effective summary in the subject line.
  • After doing the P.A.S.S. test you will need to see if the email is to the point and has enough data.
  • Now that the body of the email is good, it is time to check and make sure that the email recipients are correct and that there are not too many people listed on the to line and that they all have a clear action.
  • Lastly, you will want to do one last check to make sure there is no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Tips for Using the Email Marketing Checklist

Using the email marketing checklist is easy and effective. Another great thing about the checklist is that it is customizable. So, if there is something in the checklist that does not apply to your marketing efforts you can simply take it out. On the other hand if there is something that you would like to make sure is done every time you send out an email, you can add it to the checklist. Either way the checklist is a handy tool that is free and easy to use.

Download: Email Marketing Checklist

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