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Free Facilities Checklist

In running a research facility, one must gather a large array of resources and equipment. A research facilities checklist is paramount to maintaining order and guaranteeing that nothing is forgotten in the process of gathering said resources. Without the use of a research facilities checklist, important items may be forgotten, thus hindering the progress of the facility’s research.

Acquiring a Research Facilities Checklist

One can easily acquire a facilities checklist for free on this webpage. All that you need to do is download it, open with your computer, edit it as you see necessary and print it out. To open this file on your computer, you must use Microsoft OneNote software that is version 2003 or later. If additional resources are needed that are not listed on the checklist, all one must do is to type into the space labeled “Type additional resources here” and “Type additional preparation tasks here” if one wishes to edit the list of tasks to complete before beginning. Once the edits have been made to the research facilities checklist one can simply print the list and begin to gather materials.

Using the Research Facilities Checklist

The research facilities checklist template is very helpful in remembering the the various resources and actions needed to conduct market research but it is important to remember to make use of the the notes on the list. For your convenience, things required for each resource are included, such as the “portable computer” item being listed with the various items needed to use it. It is also suggested that one pays adequate attention to the section of the list labeled “Research Activity Preparation”, as having the resources gathered without an actual research team would yield poor results at best. The list is split into sections of tasks and resources to simplify the process and separate the two distinct areas of preparation. In following both sections of the list, one will be successfully prepared for their venture in market research.

The research facilities checklist simplifies the process of gathering a marketing research event by streamlining the process and helping to organize the process of organizing a research venture.

Download: Facilities Checklist

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