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Free Fundraiser Checklist

The goal of a fundraiser is to raise money for a worthy cause. To keep track of all the things that need to be done, and the time it will take to accomplish this requires the use of a Fundraiser Checklist. This Fundraiser Checklist can help keep even the busiest person on track and help them to allocate their time appropriately. Smart businesses can use a Fundraiser Checklist template Word document to help them keep on schedule and have everything thing ready for the big day.

Because this Fundraiser Checklist can be customized, it can be unique to the fundraiser and not a ready-made form that doesn’t fit the situation. This Microsoft Word fundraiser checklist template allows a business to generate the Fundraiser Checklist document they need and giving them a nice professional form to keep track of the fundraiser’s progress.

How to Use the Fundraiser Checklist Template Word Document

  • First, simply enter the data that pertains to the event and then save the file. This should include the name of the fundraiser and how many man hours are allocated to making it a success as a whole.
  • Second, set up two main categories, one for invitations and the second for the planning side.
  • Third, set up areas or field that will keep track of the hours. This will mean listing the specific things that need done and how many hours each specific job should take.

Tips for Using the Fundraiser Checklist Template Word Document

  • First, because this form will only be seen by those involved in the fundraiser, only put things pertinent to the preparation on this list. Use other forms for financial and private matters.
  • Second, use all the time allocations to make the event a success. If there are 2 hours allotted for filling out invitations, then try to stick to the two hours. Man hours are expensive and getting off schedule can mess the whole budget up.
  • Third, be sure to keep track of the actual hours used, so that they can be compared with the hours allocated.

All fundraisers need some sort of allocation of hours and a paper trail of time spent. Use the fundraiser checklist template Word document to make the whole process easier!

Download: Fundraiser Checklist

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